Ancient Future

by Binary_Fusion



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Ancient Future is a fast-paced multiplayer 2D shooter set in a pixelated cyberpunk dystopia.

A top-secret humanoid project gains consciousness and escapes a corporate lab.  A set of ruthless contractors, detectives, and idealists each seek to reclaim him, dueling it out with top-secret laboratory tech and black market weapons.  Whose side will you take?

Choose your character and item loadout to match your playstyle and out-strategize the competition. Every encounter is fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing, and fun.  Welcome to Ancient Future.

Our game is independently developed and always growing.  We would love you to be a part of it.


Features include:

  • Local and online multiplayer action

  • A variety of items and characters with over 200 combinations

  • Over a dozen unique arenas to fight in, with differing hazards and playstyles

  • Singleplayer tutorials and challenge mode

  • Unlockable skins to customize your look

The Electron Rifle is a sniper's best friend. Charge it up then release it for a long-range, deadly shot.

Lay a Shock Trap to explode your enemies to smithereens when they step on it. Just don't forget where you put it...

The Machine Pistol works best when sprayed endlessly in an enemy's direction.

The Plasma Launcher is an experimental, military-grade weapon that shoots a giant, exploding ball of plasma... now if we could make a Food Launcher... 

And Many More!!!

Not on My Watch
Not on My Watch
Trade of Death
Trade of Death
Never Bring a Gun...
Never Bring a Gun...
Red v Blue
Red v Blue
Before you can say "Flash Augment"
Before you can say "Flash Augment"
Hit Completed
Hit Completed



The Assassin's camouflage and stealth allows her to blend into the shadows, striking her opponents with her poisonous blade.


The Android's revolutionary model makes him an unstoppable wall of steel. He can take 2x as much damage as his opponents (but he's really a softy on the inside).


The Hacker's master skill and technology allows her to hack panels 2x as fast, making her a quick and dangerous opponent on the battlefield. 


The Detective's years of experience have made him quite keen with a blaster. His brain chip allows him to aim more accurately than his opponents.